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Happy International Black Women's Month 2024

Last month, in March, we celebrated the accomplishments of all women. This month, April, we specifically celebrate International Black Women's History. During African-American Women's Month, it's essential to celebrate Black women entrepreneurs' resilience and strength while acknowledging the importance of mental health. As small business owners and entrepreneurs, the journey can be demanding, but with the NACR3 approach - Strength, Resilience, and Sparkle - they can thrive. 

Strength: Encourage self-care practices like meditation, exercise, and setting boundaries to nurture mental and physical well-being. This month, I have had to take additional time to practice and even encourage my staff to practice self-care. Alterations or omissions in my exercise routine are a red flag for the need for self-care review and practice. And we know that my physical health is directly related to my mental health. We also know that depression looks very different on Black women, and there are many Black women who are considered highly functional depressed people.  Onward! restore and strengthen my mental health. I know my tools; now I need to put them into practice and it's ok if I have to start over or my start is a little fumbled. Fortunately, I'm human and fallible. 

Resilience: Embrace setbacks as learning opportunities, bouncing back with determination and tenacity. This month, I had to embrace the fact that my research would take much longer than anticipated. Albeit initially devasted, I refused to allow any obstacles to stand in the way, including a lack of support. To practice this tremendous bounce back, I must take this additional time to plan, network, and strategize possible outcomes and tactics to complete the research. Building resilience also looks like seeking therapeutic support, whether a regular therapist, CBT with meds, DIY friend circle, or hobbies such as journaling or candle making. Now, there are apps and virtual therapists that are tailored to Black women and girls. 

Sparkle: Infuse passion and joy into your work, remembering the spark that ignited your entrepreneurial journey. Yesterday, I had a range of emotions, from exhaustion to a spark! The day was planned as a day of rest, and yet, even still, rest can be difficult to behold. However, once I did rest along with scheduled self-care maintenance, I felt refreshed and revived and that was worth celebrating with a warm chai tea! Oh, what a treat to think I could enjoy my favorite drink while feeling good. When I have a warm chai tea, it feels like a warm hug from my grandma. Such a cozy feeling...put me in the mood to count my blessings or should I say...Sparkles! It's the small things at times. 

International Black Women's History Month reminds us to prioritize mental health and self-care. With our busyness and taking over the world, we must take time to care for ourselves. Doing so allows us to present our best selves and maximize our optimum capacity. By integrating the NACR3 approach into their lives, Black women entrepreneurs can navigate challenges gracefully and emerge stronger than ever.

Let's celebrate the accomplishments of Black Women entrepreneurs, honoring their resilience, creativity, and unwavering determination.

Mother Pearl

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