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Happy International Black Women's Month 2024

Last month, in March, we celebrated the accomplishments of all women. This month, April, we specifically celebrate International Black Women's History. During African-American Women's Month, it's essential to celebrate Black women entrepreneurs' resilience and strength while acknowledging the importance of mental health. As small business owners and entrepreneurs, the journey can be demanding, but with the NACR3 approach - Strength, Resilience, and Sparkle - they can thrive.  Strength: Encourage self-care practices like meditation, exercise, and setting boundaries to nurture mental and physical well-being. This month, I have had to take additional time to practice and even encourage my staff to practice self-care. Alterations or omissions in my exercise routine are a red flag for the need for self-care review and practice. And we know that my physical health is directly related to my mental health. We also know that depression looks very different on Black women, and t