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Health is Wealth, Pearls!

Amara, a 35-year-old black woman, has been experiencing a concerning issue with her bladder. The urgency and frequency of urination have significantly increased, causing discomfort and disruption in her daily life. Worried about her health, she seeks medical advice at a local hospital. Scene : Hospital Examination Room Amara sits anxiously on the examination table, waiting for the doctor to arrive. She notices that the hospital staff, including the nurse and doctor, are white. She hopes that they will listen attentively and take her concerns seriously. Nurse Johnson enters the room, glancing briefly at Amara's chart before beginning the examination. Nurse Johnson: "Good afternoon, I'm Nurse Johnson. What seems to be the problem today?" Amara: "Hello, Nurse Johnson. I've been having some issues with my bladder lately. I've been experiencing frequent urination and a strong urgency to go, even if my bladder is not full. It's becoming quite bothersome, an

2023 Pearls: MOY Summer Working Plan

Happy Mid-Year Point of You in 2023! It's July 1, and we are at the midpoint of the calendar year for you and your goals. I know we are in the seasons of weddings, graduations, family, and vacations, but have you been on point with your goals? If you haven't, let's not panic but work to get back on track. While developing that plan to get on track, including some aspects of softness into your life by implementing my 4 Cs  this summer. BIPOC women can showcase their Strength, Resilience, and Sparkle!  while embracing Confidence, Charm, Compassion , and a sense of Completeness this summer through the following actions: Cultivate Compassion and Connection: Research published in the Journal of Positive Psychology titled "Compassion-focused reappraisal, benefit-focused reappraisal, and rumination after an interpersonal offense: Emotion-regulation implications for subjective emotion, linguistic responses, and physiology (Witvliet, 2010) indicates that engaging in compassion-