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How Are You Leveling Up?

     Empowering BIPOC women has been at the heart of my passion and expertise, and it's with great respect and admiration that we delve into the significance of this year, 2023, and next year 2024, through the empowering lens of the NACR3 approach – Strength, Resilience, and Sparkle! They mark a profound juncture in your journey, representing the transition to the next level of accomplishment and maturity while safeguarding your brand and integrity. Strength: This year, 2023, you are standing at the threshold of transformation, exuding an innate strength that has been cultivated through life's experiences. Just as the roots of a tree anchor it firmly to the ground, your strength serves as the foundation upon which you've built your dreams and aspirations. Your dedication to creating communities exemplifies the power of strength as you navigate challenges and overcome obstacles with unwavering determination. This year heralds a period of harnessing your inner strength

Sparkle, Sparkle!

Embrace Your Brilliance: A Month of Strength, Resilience, and Sparkle for Black Women in August 2023 August is a month of empowerment, a time to celebrate the achievements and contributions of Black women worldwide. As we embrace our unique identities, experiences, and strengths, we are reminded of the importance of practicing self-love and resilience. In this blog post, we will explore how to cultivate strength, resilience, and sparkle throughout this transformative month.  This is a special shout-out to my August Leos! Happy Birthday to Us! Cultivate Strength Strength is not just physical; it is the mental, emotional, and spiritual power that resides within each of us. As Black women, we have endured challenges throughout history, making us inherently strong. During August 2023, let's continue to nurture our strength by: Engaging in Self-Care: Take time for yourself daily. Practice mindfulness, exercise, and indulge in activities that bring joy and peace to your soul. Remember,