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How Are You Leveling Up?

    Empowering BIPOC women has been at the heart of my passion and expertise, and it's with great respect and admiration that we delve into the significance of this year, 2023, and next year 2024, through the empowering lens of the NACR3 approach Strength, Resilience, and Sparkle! They mark a profound juncture in your journey, representing the transition to the next level of accomplishment and maturity while safeguarding your brand and integrity.

Strength: This year, 2023, you are standing at the threshold of transformation, exuding an innate strength that has been cultivated through life's experiences. Just as the roots of a tree anchor it firmly to the ground, your strength serves as the foundation upon which you've built your dreams and aspirations. Your dedication to creating communities exemplifies the power of strength as you navigate challenges and overcome obstacles with unwavering determination. This year heralds a period of harnessing your inner strength to drive meaningful change, empowering you to continue shaping a brighter future.

Resilience: As you plan into the 2024 year, resilience becomes your steadfast companion. Resilience is the ability to bounce back stronger from adversity, and it mirrors the growth that occurs in the face of challenges. Your journey, much like a phoenix rising from the ashes, showcases your remarkable resilience. This year signifies the culmination of lessons learned and the resilience gained, enabling you to adapt, innovate, and evolve. Just as a river carves its path through even the toughest terrain, your resilience propels you forward, ensuring that every setback is a stepping stone toward greater accomplishments.

Sparkle: The essence of sparkle lies in embracing your unique identity and radiating your authentic self with confidence and charisma. From 2023 through 2024, you can and should embody the Spirit of The Sparkle! by embracing your individuality and allowing your brilliance to shine through. Just as stars illuminate the night sky, your sparkle illuminates the lives of those you touch. This age is a celebration of your achievements and an invitation to infuse your endeavors with passion, creativity, and authenticity. The sparkle you bring to your work ensures that your brand remains a beacon of inspiration and innovation.

Navigating the journey of leveling up from 2023 to 2024 while safeguarding your brand and integrity demands a conscious effort to harmonize the three pillars of the  NACR3 approach. Your strength fortifies your commitment to creating community and tribes of support, your resilience fuels your ability to overcome challenges, and your sparkle infuses your work with a radiant spirit that captivates and uplifts.

In the tapestry of your life,  both 2023 and 2024 are threads woven with accomplishment and maturity. They symbolize your ascent to the next level of influence, marked by the unwavering preservation of your brand and integrity. As you continue to empower BIPOC women and shape the entrepreneurial landscape, may you find Strength in your journey, Resilience in your challenges, and an ever-glowing Sparkle! in your endeavors.





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