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Happy Memorial Day, Pearls!

Memorial Day is about Courage. Courage is the willingness to act despite fear. Courageous Armed Service Members overcame their fears to protect this country from enemies, foreign and domestic. So we celebrate courage and how to embrace courage. For women, this can mean having the courage to challenge social norms and expectations, finding those safe spaces to express her thoughts and feelings openly, asserting her rights, and pursuing her dreams even if they seem daunting. In the face of sexism or any other form of discrimination, courage involves standing up for oneself and others. Being Strong, Resilient, and Sparkling is the best way to embrace courage.

Pearls, you can embody Being Strong, Resilient, and Sparkle! through courage. Here's how you can achieve these qualities:
  • Developing Strength: Strength isn't just physical; it's also emotional, intellectual, and moral. Women can develop emotional strength by managing their feelings and reactions effectively, especially in difficult situations. Intellectual strength can be built through constant learning, critical thinking, and problem-solving. Moral strength involves maintaining one's principles and values even when they're challenged. Strength also is seen in setting healthy boundaries for yourself.
  • Cultivating Resilience: Resilience is the ability to bounce back from adversity. Women can cultivate resilience by developing a positive mindset, embracing change and challenges, building strong relationships for support, and maintaining good self-care habits. Resilience also involves learning from past experiences and applying those lessons to future challenges. Knowledge is power, so educate yourself on your options, resources, and community to make informed decisions.
  • Radiating in your Sparkle!: Your Sparkle! refers to the inner light that shines through your personality, character, and actions. For Pearls, this could mean allowing your unique qualities, strengths, and passions to shine brightly. It involves spreading positivity, kindness, and love and inspiring others with their actions and attitude. Radiating in your Sparkle! also involves practicing self-compassion, being kind to yourself, celebrating your achievements, and not beating yourself up over mistakes. Instead, view them as learning opportunities.
Lastly, it's crucial to remember that Being Strong, Resilient, and Sparkle! doesn't mean you always have to be in control or never show vulnerability. In fact, vulnerability can be a strength because it shows authenticity and the courage to be oneself fully.

The 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion, an all-black battalion of the Women’s Army Corps during World War II, we honor you for this Memorial Day Observation.


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